Selection Committee

frankpFrank┬áPawella was born 1971 in Gotha/Thuringia. After finishing an apprenticeship as a carpenter and organ builder, he studied art history, economy- and social history aswell as philosophy at TU Dresden. Since 2005 he is part of the scientific staff of the Institute for Art and Music Studies at the Dresden University of Technology has been focusing on modern art. His research focuses on the subject of music films, productions and iconography of the pop star in the feature film and the propaganda film in national socialism, to which he has published several publications and lectures. Since 2010 he is the Dean’s Council of the Faculty of Arts.



Daniel Rode, born 1971 in Eutin, studied art education and education at the University of Greifswald. For a further five years he held a position at the Caspar David Friedrich Institute as an artistic employee. In 2002 he went to studying fine arts in Dresden at the HfBK (Brandmeier- class, 2004 Diploma, 2006 Meistersch├╝lerabschluss). In the years 2006 to 2009, Rode collaborated with the artist colleague Ulrike Mundt in the free project space MODUL-Kunstraum in Dresden. Starting from 2009, he went to Cairo for five years for personal reasons. Since the return in 2014 Daniel Rode lives and works again in Dresden.



Silvia Zimmermann worked as a directing assistant for opera productions at the Dresden Musikhochschule, following her master’s degree in musicology, history and philosophy 2006. At the same time, she worked as a concert manager of the Dresden baroque orchestra. In 2005, she completed a postgraduate studies at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Weimar, as a cultural manager. Afterwards, she coordinated various event formats at the Dresdner Musikhochschule. Since 2002, she has been an honorary member of Akifra e.V. and since January 2015 project manager of MOVE IT! film festival.


Danny Mellenthin, born in Plauen in the Vogtland in 1982, he was amazed at how the sandman can walk without a rope and envied the Cameraman, who has the honor of working with Pumuckl. The interest in the magic of what is going on behind the film scenes led him to draw small thumbling cinemas to study media production and computer graphics. The passion for what can be brought to the screens and canvases by the work on the computer has been ever since his constant companion. Since 2002 he is living in Dresden, where after completing his studies, he worked as a technical director for effects at, among others, the Kurzfilm Grisella at PiXABLE Studios in Dresden and has been a freelancer in visual effects since 2011. Danny Mellenthin has been a member of the FILMFEST DRESDEN screening committee since 2013.