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The Dresden Committee for Childrens and Womans Rights (Aktionsgemeinschaft für Kinder und Frauenrechte (Akifra e.V.)) is pleased to announce that this years MOVE IT! film festival for human rights and development will be taking place from the 7th to the 15th of November and is going to be hosted by the Thalia Cinema.

Over the course of 10 days we are going to present 26 of the latest national and international documentaries and feature films related to human rights- and development  topics. Not only will all our films celebrate their premiere in dresden, for most of them we also have various panel discussions with directors, producers, activists and experts. Furthermore, there will be an extra program on the last day, where we will all together hold a festival brunch and hear 2 concerts to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Akifra e.V.