The MOVE IT! Filmfestival is one of the few film festivals in the new federal states of east germany with focus on human rights and development. Founded in 2004 by Akifra e.V., it is held every year at the Thalia Kino in Dresden.

The festival usually shows the latest national and international documentary and feature films relating to the topics of human rights and development, mainly premieres in Dresden, over the course of 6 days.

The films are framed not only by numerous film discussions with directors, producers, activists and experts, but also by 2 concerts and a festival brunch on sunday.

Film knows no age and the film educational program MOVE IT! Young presents two films for children and teenagers, which are shown in the afternoon show, on the festival weekend. These are also discussed and the audience has the opportunity to participate in the film debate.

As a highlight, the Akifra e.V. together with the city of Dresden has been presenting the “Dresden Film Prize for Human Rights and Development” to a film selected by the festival jury. The prize is endowed with 2000 Euro.

Outside of the festival period, films are held at various venues in Dresden all over the year.

The MOVE IT! Filmfestival cooperates with many cooperation partners from the culture and film sector, as well as with development policy initiatives and actors.